Beer Notes: Storm Brewing Hurricane Hubert


Storm Brewing Hurricane Hubert

See that? That’s most of a pint of Hurricane Hubert from Storm Brewing, that is (with a half of something ending in ‘Tup’ lurking in the background). Jo and I were down in Cheshire yesterday, doing some civilised, middle-aged stuff for my birthday, which included a pub lunch at The Wizard in Nether Alderley and those were the two cask ales they had on offer.

Hurricane Hubert – a 4.5% ABV, lovely deep copper-coloured ale with a rich malty base and a light, spicy hop finish – had a real depth of flavour and was very drinkable indeed. But I only had a pint and a half – even though Jo had volunteered to drive for the afternoon – on the grounds that I reckoned if I’d had the full two then I think three an four wouldn’t have been far behind… and we still had a couple of hours’ worth of wandering around Dunham Massey Hall gardens planned in.

Oddly, this was the first time I’ve encountered anything from Storm Brewing. I asked the landlord if they were new startup and he said they’re not (they’ve been around since 1998) and he said they’re very local and really just supply the area immediately around Macclesfield, where they’re based. I’ll be keeping an eye out in future, in case Hurricane Hubert or anything else from their range ever makes it as far North as Manchester.

The food was excellent as well. A melt-in-the-mouth rack of lamb for me and a slow-cooked beef dish that fell apart as soon as you looked at it for Jo. Absolutely delcious, both of them. Highly recommended.

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