Tasting Notes: Hirter Privat Pils

Brewery: Brauerei Hirt
Location: Hirt, Austria
ABV: 5.2%
Source: The Vineyard, Belfast

The Hirt Brewery in Austria has been around in some form since 1270, and insists in making a pure product with no additives or pasteurisation, using untreated water from the local mountain spring, and claim their beer will never be canned. I’ve no idea what a Privat Pils is, or if the notation means anything at all (enlightenment in the comments at the end will be gratefully received).

At £4 for a 500ml bottle (it’s also available in 330ml size) this was a bit of an extravagance. I’m not a huge pilsner fan, and while I’d happily pay that, and more, for other beers I did have to think twice about doing so on this.

First impressions were good. It’s darker than most pilsners I’ve had, not a washed out straw in sight, more a glowing mid gold. Even the aroma was quite good, light and fruity with a hint of malt in the background, nothing outstanding but definitely noticeable. I even liked the taste, oranges and lemon, very smooth texture, almost no fizz but a bit of zest without any bitterness. More depth than the average pilsner, with a lingering moreish finish, it is indeed a very pleasant brew.

Was it worth it? Mmm, not really. I’m glad I sampled it, but I honestly wouldn’t buy it again unless I saw it much cheaper. There’s just as good to be had elsewhere for a lot less.